Introducing, an All-in-One CRM and Live Chat Software Designed for Business

November 22 23:33 2022
Businesses have a new resource with the release of the software. The all-in-one CRM and live chat software is an omnichannel chat system allowing companies to manage all their communication channels into a single platform with more precise analytics to track growth.

With, companies can consolidate all their communication channels into one location, responding to customers and tracking analytical data to monitor sales and growth. Integrate apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Shopee Chat, Lazada Chat, WeChat, Signal, Email, and Zalo in one simplified platform for ease and efficiency. 

The software is also ideal for managing the communications channels for multiple brands, companies, or businesses all in one place without being forced to switch between and manage numerous devices and accounts. The software also allows users to invite multiple team members to attend events and offers the ability to handle all inquiries across channels. 

“Communicate and chat with all of your prospects and customers from various messaging app channels in one platform,” founders said. “Send promotional messages, shipping updates, delivery and payment reminders, and other notifications on WhatsApp using our APIs.”

Simple and straightforward software

It’s fast and easy to set up all-in-one live chat and CRM system. Users sign up and create an oChats account, connect and integrate the desired channels through the oChats dashboard, and start chatting with visitors and customers across channels from one platform.  

Enterprise security protection

The platform offers data hosting through Amazon Web Service, with encrypted data protection. Continuous monitoring and network threat detection help secure the data, and AWS provides a comprehensive view of users’ compliance status. oChats data is encrypted in both directions, offering additional security, and users can assign access to whom they choose. 

Full video walkthrough

Experts from the technical team offer a complete video walkthrough showcasing the omnichannel chat system’s features for businesses. 

Flexible pricing tiers

Multiple pricing programs are available at monthly, with discounts on annual memberships. 

–  $15/ Month
–  2 Team members
–  Unlimited messages
–  5GB Storage

–  $29/ Month
–  5 Team members
–  Unlimited messages
–  10 GB Storage

–  $69/ Month
–  10 Team members
–  Unlimited messages
–  20GB Storage

–  $99/ Month
–  20 Team members
–  Unlimited messages
–  50GB Storage

Creating excellence

The oChats team provides a range of services, from advertising to software. Though the Malaysia-based team only includes ten people, the group has made a name for itself as a strong presence on the global market. 

“We believe automation is the key to business stability, and that’s why most of the services we offer to our corporate customers are all in automation processes,” representatives said. 

The team at is focused on technology empowerment to facilitate more accessible and efficient business. The group is also working toward wealth inequality reduction worldwide. 


Visit the company’s website to learn more about, or connect on social media through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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