Dog Bite King Law Group Advises What Someone Should Do After a Dog Bite

November 22 23:54 2022
Dog Bite King Law Group Advises What Someone Should Do After a Dog Bite
Dog Bite King Law Group is a reliable dog bite injury law firm. In a recent update, the agency outlined what victims of a dog bite should do.

Las Vegas, NV – In a website post, Dog Bite King Law Group highlighted what victims of a dog bite should do. 

The law experts from Dog Bite King Law Group mentioned that dog bites can result in excruciating pains and cause severe injuries that may take weeks or even months to heal, plus substantial medical bills. They advised victims that if they’re not responsible for their injuries, the resultant damages shouldn’t be their burden. 

They emphasized that if one or their family member has been injured by a vicious dog in Las Vegas, one of the things they should do is to get in touch immediately with an experienced dog bite injury lawyer to help them pursue financial recovery to cover their medical bills, lost wages and other damages directly related to the injuries.

However, the team stated that the first step a victim should take after a dog attack is to call las vegas animal control to report the incident. Their duties include placing the vicious dog in quarantine to ensure it’s not rabid or diseased. The officer will create an official record of the dog attack. This record can be helpful if later the victim decides to file a dog bite lawsuit against the dog owner. 

The team continued to explain on their website,, that the victim should gather information about the dog owner. They explained that dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pets. 

Once the incident has been reported to the appropriate quarters, the next thing victims want to do is gather relevant information about the dog owner, including their full name, address, phone number, and insurance information. The location is also essential.

Additionally, the top-rated dog bite attorney said the victim should exchange contact with witnesses at the scene of the dog bites. These people can be approached later if the victim needs their assistance to provide testimony as proof to substantiate their claims.  

Furthermore, the Las Vegas dog bite injury lawyer added that the victims should take photographs. They explained that evidence is crucial to winning dog bite cases in Las Vegas. Therefore, victims should gather as much evidence as possible to have the upper hand in their case. 

Lastly, the attorneys amplified that the victim should seek medical attention. They explained that certain breeds of dogs do more damage than others when they bite. Therefore, one shouldn’t trivialize the injuries or try to manage the wound through self-medication. 

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