Finding the Best Eating Disorder Treatment Nearby According to

November 30 03:06 2022
Finding the Best Eating Disorder Treatment Nearby According to

Medical experts predict that almost 10 percent of the U.S. population will be diagnosed with an eating disorder in their lifetime. If one or their loved one suffers from an eating disorder, obtaining appropriate help quickly is crucial. In most cases, care plans involve a team of experts rather than a single healthcare provider. However, the first step in obtaining care will be obtaining a correct diagnosis of the problem.

Learn More About the Various Types of Eating Disorders

During the diagnosis and care of eating disorders, most patients and their families will learn a great deal about the various common eating disorders. Disorders care providers routinely treat include Anorexia Nervosa, food intake disorder, bulimia, compulsive overeating, and diabulimia. Since treatment protocols for the various disorders will vary, a correct diagnosis is necessary before treatment plans are developed. For a complete discussion of treatment issues, check out here.

Treatment Plans Require Flexibility

Every person is different, which means care providers and patients must be willing to discuss different treatment options and, when necessary, modify existing plans to achieve the best outcomes. Here are a few strategy options the experts at Nourish will suggest.

  • Discuss Nutrition Options With Experts. Registered dieticians will provide a wealth of information related to general nutrition and meal planning. Understanding which foods provide benefits and which ones should be avoided during the treatment process and in the future will always be necessary.

  • Coordinating Care Details With the Entire Team. Recovery from an eating disorder won’t be easy, and care from various providers will be required. Each of those team members must coordinate their recommendations with those of other team members. Remember, both physical and psychological care providers will monitor a patient’s care.

  • Make Use of Different Types of Care Appointments. While traditional care models required patients to schedule visits to each provider’s office, that’s no longer necessary. Today, virtual appointments are proving to be practical and convenient. Virtual appointments allow patients to receive needed care from anywhere with an internet connection.

Recovering from an eating disorder is never easy, but according to, flexible and convenient treatment options reduce stress levels and benefit patients.

Explore a Range of Treatment Options

Flexibility also extends to other treatment choices. Patients and their families can choose between outpatient, inpatient, and other treatment options depending on the situation. Some patients respond well to outpatient treatment sessions with therapists, dieticians, and other care providers. On the other end of the spectrum, patients with significant, life-threatening issues may require monitoring in a hospital setting. Between the two extremes, patients can choose residential or partial hospitalization treatment models. If one’s unsure which options will provide the needed benefits, and one’s tired of hearing things like ‘You Don’t Look Anorexic’ discussing the available options with care providers is strongly recommended. The best outcomes are achieved when the best care model is selected.

Take that All-Important First Step Now

No one suffering from an eating disorder can begin healing until they decide it’s time to seek treatment. If one or their loved one needs help overcoming an eating disorder, now is the time to begin the healing process.


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