Public Mirror Implements a New Algorithm for Face Search with 99% Accuracy

December 07 04:33 2022
Public Mirror provides assistance to control the online presence of its clients.

Public Mirror is an analytical tool that facilitates its users with facial recognition and face search. In the recent progress, the company is pleased to announce that it has implemented a new algorithm for searching faces with 99 % accuracy.

The company is providing its tool with cost-effective prices. The access to costs only 14.99$. By basing on laws and regulations such as GDPR and DMCA, can assist harmed individuals with regaining control over their online presence.

Public Mirror provides assistance with control over the online presence of its clients.

Furthermore, by applying facial recognition and artificial intelligence mechanisms to innovative technologies for monitoring the Internet, PM can find images of any person. The company strives to secure the image of its clients on the Internet. Therefore, the company’s utmost important goal is to take its image protection to a higher level.

The New interface developed by Public Mirror is much more convenient for users. provides additional information about the location of the result. With the new developments, the company is excelling in the next generation of media monitoring.

The platform facilitates its users with the following services:

  1. The removal of nonconsensual pornography: the Revenge Porn Search service.

  2. It enables users to check which porn websites their photos appear on

  3. Users can check where their ex has posted their photos

  4. They can also target and remove revenge porn containing their image

  5. The new interface also allows people to find out where their faces have been published and remove unwanted ones from the web with the help of the company’s specialists.

Public Mirror also lets people find their photos available on the web. People can learn more about how the company can help its clients remove revenge porn containing their images. Public Mirror’s new interface allows people to check their faces, not their names. They can also find mentions of them that include only a picture of the user and no name. It searches for articles that are not specifically about the users. For example, the user appears on a magazine cover among other people or as a supporting character.

Moreover, people can find memes with themselves that are usually impossible to find when they monitor their name. In the process, an in-depth analysis for easy image management is provided. Public Mirror ensures to generate the essential statistics regarding where and when content containing the client’s photos has been published, such as countries, websites, and categories of websites. It extracts mentions which don’t include the user’s name or surname in the content of an article.

Eventually, Public Mirror develops tools that help people manage their image by sorting mentions by criteria such as publication date, estimated AVE, or estimated traffic to find potentially effective partners to cooperate with.

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About the Company – Public Mirror

Public Mirror is an analytic tool targeted to find references to its users on the Internet based on their photos. Access information about where people have been mentioned, whether in the news, blogs, forums, and more. The company provides statistics to plan the client’s public communication, PR campaigns, and foreign activity.

The company is known to provide solutions that allow people to apply facial recognition and artificial intelligence mechanisms to innovative technologies of monitoring the Internet for images of any person. Their start-up has been set up in Wrocław, the city that is considered the Polish Silicon Valley.

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