FlipBuilder’s E-Catalog Creator Helps Expand Business Reach

January 05 13:38 2023
FlipBuilder’s E-Catalog Creator Helps Expand Business Reach
Various templates and background scenes are ready to enhance the look of the e-catalog.
FlipBuilder’s newly launched software – e-catalog creator is equipped with an intuitive interface, and user-friendly features, to greatly support e-catalog creation and distribution.

Due to the widespread use and constant upgrading of internet technology, the world has become closer. A majority of people tend to search, consume and share information online. Sensitivity to business opportunities is vital to business survival. E-catalogs have been the most widely-used form of catalogs as they are cost-effective to distribute to a wide range of people. FlipBuilder’s e-catalog creator is designed to help users improve catalog performance.

Featured in its ease of use, this e-catalog creator has been well-received by users since its launch. It just takes seconds to convert a PDF or images into a flippable ebook. Dozens of templates for different reading interfaces, static background themes, and dynamic scenes are provided for quick appearance beautification in a few clicks. Settings for the preloader, toolbar, display, etc., can be fully utilized to make e-catalogs more distinctive and friendly for viewers to read.

Conversion rates are the goal for businesses. FlipBuilder’s e-catalog creator enables businesses to insert multimedia elements such as videos, animations, audio, hyperlinks, etc., into their catalogs. By these elements, businesses can fully introduce companies, showcase products, and give viewers access to relevant websites, or directly let them place orders on pop-up pages. In this way, the all-encompassing e-catalogs give viewers convenient shopping experiences without searching for information through other channels and accordingly boost conversion rates. 

The user-oriented strategy makes FlipBuilder gain the trust of users. From the users’ perspective, FlipBuilder’s e-catalog creator updates its distribution features, allowing several formats to export catalogs, supporting online access and offline reading on different devices. It’s worthwhile to mention FlipBuilder’s add-on hosting service. Upload the finished e-catalog online and choose the search engine indexing option, and the e-catalog will be viewed by more people, thus bringing more traffic for the business. 

“The ebook created with our e-catalog creator is allowed to be shared on social media platforms using the unique link, or be embedded on websites via its embed code,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder.

For more information about this versatile e-catalog creator, please visit FlipBuilder.

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