Kyle Buckner Keeps The Memory of His Late Nephew Austin Sparks Alive Via Sparx Board Co.

January 06 17:45 2023
SPARX is a premier American skateboard & lifestyle brand founded by Kyle Buckner and Austin Sparks.

Among dozens of skateboarding shops across the United States, not one has more soul than Sparx Board Co. Founded in honor of the bright light and passionate skater, gone too soon, Austin Sparks, Sparx is a testament to his love for this sport and skateboarding communities, offering a broad range of decks, skateboard accessories, and fashionable Sparx-branded clothing with powerful, encouraging messages. 

Austin came up with the idea for the brand in 2012. He said to his uncle Kyle, who is the co- founder of Sparx and a past-skater as well, that he had a dream of starting his skateboard brand. Kyle Buckner recalled the conversation he had with his late nephew, stating the following: 

“Austin and I were eating at Mellow Mushroom in Greensboro, NC. I can still remember the hat he was wearing. He started talking about his dreams of starting his own skateboard brand.

That’s all he had to say – I’d back any positive venture that boy wanted to do. Besides, we had spent most of our lives together on a skateboard,” said Kyle. 

[Photo of Austin (5) and Kyle (14) in 2001 at a local Skatepark opening in Danville, VA.] 

Before launching the Sparx Board Co. brand, Kyle and Austin spent much time together designing and manufacturing the first line in Kyle’s wood shop in Danville, VA. Kyle had already began his career in furniture design and manufacturing, so the foundation was there to begin creating Austin’s ideas as initial prototypes. 


As Kyle recalls, after he and Austin created their first board lineup, they ended up getting them mass-produced from a skateboard company in the USA, he stated: 

“We eventually had some boards manufactured out of a factory in Los Angeles, but making those first few together will be something I’ll cherish forever. I still have those templates and wouldn’t trade them for the world. He was 14 at the time, and I’ll never forget just how pumpedhe was about showing off his work to his friends,” Kyle said. 

Austin Sparks passed away last year, but his spirit lives on in Sparx Board Co. His uncle Kylewanted to see his nephew’s dream come true and so he relaunched the Sparx brand with itsfirst retail store in December of 2022. 

Sparx Board Co. offers both online and in-store products; its catalog is comprised of some of themost popular skateboard products, as well as unique branded models from the Sparx line. 

The story of the Sparx brand began with a rough idea jotted onto a napkin, a couple of longboards, and a dream. Today, Sparx Board Co. is keeping Austin’s flame alive by providing skater communities with quality products, and with a purpose. 

The first week, Sparx donated a percentage of its proceeds to the organization, TWLOHA, a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression and addiction. Sparx plans to continue donating throughout its journey. Sparx offers worldwide shipping on all the latest boards, wheels, accessories, and Sparx branded products. 

More information about Sparx Board Co. is available on the company’s official website

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