Software Is Hitting the Industrial Contractor and Facility Markets with a Company named Stilt

January 10 13:18 2023

Stilt, a company operating in the industrial contractor and facility services market, has introduced a technology that improves the way work is done at industrial facilities such as chemical plants, mines, and pulp & paper mills. The technology allows companies to automate, audit, and manage contractors, equipment, and tasks in real time at their facilities, enabling them to reduce roadblocks and save time. Stilt was developed by Harry Helmrich, the visionary founder who, after working at several large facilities as an operations coordinator, recognized the need and opportunity to do things better. 

Since its inception, Stilt has quickly proven to be an easy-to-adopt crowd-favorite software among leaders in the industry. One proponent, Mosaic (a chemical manufacturing conglomerate), expanded its use of Stilt to 5 of its facilities after an extremely successful 1 year trial run at one of its smaller locations. Mosaic employees were such strong advocates for Stilt that one of the contractors they worked with (Axios) began using Stilt’s technology as well. Through Stilt’s automated data and reporting functionalities, in less than 6 months Axios was able to achieve a 180% efficiency improvement in an essential part of their daily operations. Stilt is solidifying itself in the industry as one of the best technologies for companies looking to earn a competitive advantage. t

Financially, Stilt has demonstrated impressive growth and achieved a 125% increase in revenue each fiscal year since inception. The company has recently doubled its headcount and opened a secondary office in Miami, FL. Stilt is seeking to expand to more facilities and build additional partnerships with industrial and commercial contractor groups.

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