This Man Is Helping Businesses Get Back On Their Feet After The Pandemic

January 13 00:15 2023

Business loans are a complex and often misunderstood form of lending that many business owners do not take full advantage of. This is because they lack the knowledge, resources and time to present themselves effectively when speaking with their bank regarding loans. Unfortunately, this has led to an undersupply of brokers who can help business owners navigate the landscape of lending.

In New Zealand, small businesses are the backbone of the economy and this is why one individual is taking it upon himself to tackle the challenge of Business Loans head on. Deepesh Chaudhary aims to train mortgage brokers in the field, hire good people from commercial banking teams, offer online training/coaching and make Business Loans NZ’s number one platform for lending queries.

To do this, he plans on seeking capital injection from investors to scale his business with the right technology and staff hires. This enterprising individual understands that it is not easy to secure a loan; there are strict requirements regarding financial information and an understanding of how much money needs to be paid back over what timescale.

For those unfamiliar with loan lingo or new to business ownership, it can be hard for them to make sense of what is required for their application process. That’s why Deepesh Chaudhary aims to facilitate access by providing training specifically tailored towards mortgage brokers in order to help bridge the gap between banks and borrowers.

Further, by hiring people from commercial banking teams, he seeks to ensure that his service is efficient, reliable and secure; offering both online training/coaching as well as expert advice where needed.

He also wants Business Loan NZ’s platform for queries not just to be used by applicants but also lenders themselves as a way for them to communicate directly with each other in order to better assess eligibility and creditworthiness. By creating an environment where legitimate small businesses can thrive without fear of fraud or misinformation being spread across the market, he believes he will help strengthen New Zealand’s economy in the long run.

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