One Of The First Latin Hip Hop Artists In The USA And One Of The Only Music Artists To Combine Spanish And English In His Music

January 13 00:30 2023

Malico Watson is a Latin Hip Hop artist from Chicago who has Puerto Rican nationality. His music style combines Spanish and English, with his work ranging from Reggaeton and Bachata to Latin Rap. Malico’s lyrics bring the realities of life in an inner city environment to his songs, as well as adding a touch of love. 

Before Malico began working on his solo career, he was the lead rapper for the famous Mexican group Kinto Sol. However, at the peak of his success, he was arrested for a “conspiracy to deliver” charge and sentenced to years in prison due to drug-related offenses. This derailed his whole music career and left him feeling angry and conflicted.

Malico now lives in Miami FL., where there is a substantial presence of Hispanic people, as well as being home to a bustling music scene. Here he creates new relevant music regularly, performing at local venues throughout the city. He also risks everything by sharing his experiences through his lyrics via social media outlets such as YouTubeTM and SoundCloudTM.

Aside from writing and performing, Malico also dedicates much of his free time to helping out youth programs related to hip hop culture around Chicago and Miami alike. His main focus is on teaching young people how they can express themselves creatively while staying away from drugs or any other criminal activities that could land them in serious legal trouble like he experienced in the past.

Ultimately Malico Watson’s story is one about redemption; about using setbacks experienced throughout life – no matter how big or small – as fuel towards achieving your dreams through dedication and hard work, combined with unique musical talent and pinpointed focus on what matters most: following your true passion regardless of any obstacles that stand in your way.

You can learn more about Malico, aka El Dj Malo, by following him on InstagramTM or by going to and signing up to find out all the latest news and receive all of the newest music.

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