Discover New Ways to Deal with EMF This New Year with Conscious Copper

January 18 18:30 2023
Invest only in the best EMF protection devices for 2023

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) have always been around. However, people’s exposure to it continues to increase at an alarming rate with the popularity of cell phones and other electronic devices, Wi-Fi, cell towers, and electrical poles. This constant exposure to EMF radiation raises concern, especially since EMFs are found to create stress, chemicals, and toxins to be developed in the body. While there is no way to avoid EMF radiation completely, Conscious Copper has EMF protection devices that can help deal with EMF.

Conscious Copper is reimagining EMF solutions by curating the best EMF protection devices designed to help bring consciousness and awareness to EMF, reducing anxiety and providing clarity in the process. And as its name suggests, copper is at the core of its products. It is also the reason why the BEAM™ technology works. All Conscious Copper products are embedded with BEAM™, which incorporates the practices of higher consciousness and awareness to physical tokens of embodiment and manifestation – bringing the metaphysical to the physical world.

Today, Conscious Copper offers wearables through its Quantum™ collection, which comprises an EMF protection necklace, bracelet, and ring. On the other hand, the Lattice™ EMF Protection Device provides EMF protection for one’s home, while the Ripple™ Cell Phone EMF Defense deals with EMF from cell phones.

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Conscious Copper is a U.S.-based, family-owned small business that offers products designed to provide EMF radiation protection while bringing consciousness and awareness to EMF.

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