Ankle Pain Specialist in San Jose, California, Discusses Most Effective Ways of Treatment

January 19 07:50 2023

It does not take much to cause ankle injuries. Most injuries are accidental and because people are not using caution or being careless. Either way, ankle pain is real.

“After the back, foot and ankle pain are some of the worst types. The ankle and foot do so much for the body. A good number of my clients come to me for help with their feet and ankles,” said Scott Lamb, a foot pain treatment specialist in San Jose, California.

Many times Lamb is able to help clients with serious foot and ankle pain without surgical intervention. Treatment is normally simple and can be done at home.

“I always want to see the client before they begin any sort of at home treatment program. This way I can be sure they are going to do the correct treatment. Failing to do so can cause more problems and delay the healing process,” continued Lamb, speaking as an ankle pain treatment specialist in San Jose, CA.

Lamb uses a system called Muscle Activation Techniques, MAT. It is bodywork technique that speeds the healing process and helps prevent future injuries, by focusing on muscles of the body.

Ankle injuries do take some time to heal and heal properly – some as long as a full year before getting back to full normal. Lamb is able to see results in as little as three months when clients follow treatment recommendations.

Lamb is a foot pain treatment specialist in San Jose, California. His treatments and techniques help people from all walks of life and ages. More information about his services and care is on the website. Go to for details or to schedule an appointment.

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