World’s Leading Audience Intelligence Platform Relyft Helps Businesses Get An Edge By Getting In-Depth Information About Their Target Audience

January 23 08:54 2023

The audience-first marketing tool is changing the way marketers look at their audience.

As competition becomes more intense with each passing day, small businesses need help to get leads and grow their brand. This is where the world’s leading audience intelligence platform, Relyft, is proving to be a game changer. 

Since its launch, the end-to-end audience research tool has become an essential worldwide asset in marketers’ arsenal. It currently tracks the top one million websites based on the popular SEO tool Ahref and offers more than 20 network integrations. 

The tool gives marketers insights into demographics, employment, skills & interests, gender & age, education, and geography. It also goes in-depth to help extract Insights from words in the bio, hashtags used, phrases used, and sentiment Analysis on avenues such as podcasts, YouTube channels, and press. Businesses can use the information to create more meaningful advertising campaigns that deliver a higher ROI. Moreover, it also helps to understand pain points to identify new opportunities. 

This helps smart businesses to create comprehensive data-driven marketing strategies about everything ranging from product, marketing and what content their audience will find engaging.

Speaking on occasion, a representative for the tool said, “In today’s competitive marketplace, having an audience-first marketing approach is essential. Using our platform, companies can become more customer-oriented and work towards improving the complete customer experience to build loyalty greater than metrics. Gone are the days of those painstaking customer surveys and focus groups, and marketers can use the tool to build personas faster, enabling them to get things done quickly.”

To ensure that data from the websites they track is solely used for improving the customer experience for their clients, their AI has the Morality Engine that removes users’ identities from the data. While their Generative Pre-trained scrapper with 20 plus data points and Eureka Engine convert raw data into insights that help the management.

The spokesperson continued, “Thanks to our Scout AI. Entrepreneurs can learn their customers’ interests, what they like, and Who are the key influencers they need to collaborate with to derive the best results. We have seen marketers use the tool for dozens of applications in diverse industries. That’s why we enjoy a high retention rate, as businesses can craft stunning marketing campaigns on social networks like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.“

The audience research tool is available in 30 languages and helps businesses complete detailed searches for localities. 

Businesses interested in learning more about Relyft’s audience first marketing can reach out to them using the information mentioned below. The platform is free to try, and currently, they are offering a 25% discount promo code on their launch.

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Relyft is the world’s leading audience intelligence platform that provides in-depth insights on target audiences to businesses that help them make data-driven decisions in the 21st century.

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