Soaring Heart Therapy Inc. is Helping Break Generational Trauma With Parenting Training

January 23 09:03 2023
Soaring Heart Therapy Inc. empowers parents with attachment trauma to foster positive relationships with their children.

Humans aren’t meant to be solitary. They are hardwired to form connections with others. Unfortunately, some individuals grow up without a secure attachment in their childhood, leading to emotional wounds that persist even in adulthood. Parents with attachment trauma often struggle to bond with their children, which creates a cycle of hurt and insecurity that can be passed down through generations.

Soaring Heart Therapy Inc. works to help these parents heal their wounds, so they can break the generational curse and foster authentic, positive relationships with their children.

“When you believe and take action to change, there will be a miracle. You can create a loving family,” says Jane Li, a registered clinical consultant and Soaring Heart Therapy Inc founder.

Attachment trauma is damaging and can exacerbate symptoms of mental health disorders such as ADHD. That’s why Li focuses on working with parents who have children with ADHD.

She has created attachment-based ADHD parenting training and mindfulness courses to guide parents in overcoming their trauma and start rebuilding secure relationships with themselves and their loved ones. Li also leverages her parenting experiences and 18 years of clinical experience to help children with ADHD improve their symptoms and live out their full potential.

Through her guidance and expertise, Li empowers families to love in a deeper, more authentic way, breaking generations of trauma and inspiring a future built on positivity.

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