The Lundy Law Group Continues to Support ‘Neighbors’ in Generational Wealth Protection

January 23 09:06 2023
Trusted law group offers comprehensive planning for legacy development and continuity with the help of its team of specialized lawyers.

Dealing with the properties of a loved one who has passed away does not need to be taxing, especially when the family is still grieving. Thankfully, there are law groups who are ready to lend a hand to address such matters.

The Lundy Law Group believes that everyone should be equipped to manage and protect generational wealth by planning way before an untimely passing. After all, caring for your family through this is one of the ultimate expressions of love. “If we want to leave the following generation in a better position starting off in life, we must sound the alarm and put wealth preservation measures in place,” said the Md Legacy Attorney, Paulette Lundy.

The Probate Court, which deals with and distributes the remaining assets of the deceased to the proper beneficiaries, can take long and the process that is froth with emotions. This can also lead to family distress and conflict, also considering the amount of money that needs to be shelled out to complete the proceeding.

Moreover, probate is a public process that is accessible to anyone well-versed in navigating the internet which is why there is also a risk for financial predators to target individuals. “We are receiving more calls for probate than we are for installing protective measures such as estate planning to guard against falling prey to this onerous process,” Atty. Paulette added. The Lundy Law Group is dedicated to assisting families in arranging their affairs and ensuring that their assets are protected and allocated accordingly, helping them have peace of mind.

With over two decades of experience, The Lundy Law Group prides itself on being friendly, considering its clients as “neighbors” which puts them at ease in sharing information and having its experts help manage their wealth. They are experienced in developing a detailed plan not only for generational wealth protection but also for business continuity that will take care of the client during incapacity or death.

In fact, The Lundy Law Group was established out of Paulette’s passion and life’s purpose to equip people with the right knowledge and means to become the best stewards of their resources. Through its comprehensive services, they will be able to understand the whole process of legacy development from planning to effective implementation. Its clients are assured that they can do this at their own pace “their way” to fully secure their family’s future even in their absence. To know more about how The Lundy Law Group can help protect generational wealth, visit their website now at

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The Lundy Law Group is dedicated to helping families and small business owners understand how to leave their loved ones and colleagues in the best possible shape should any unwanted tragedy strikes. It makes sure that their assets go where they want them to and that their family and business are provided and planned for.

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