Pochidao Is The First Polygon Dog Coin With 60% Airdropped To The Holders Of The Native Coin Matic Of The Polygon Blockchain And 40% Burn

January 23 19:06 2023

Similar to how the name “Spot” is used in English-speaking nations, the name “Pochi” is a common one for dogs in Japan.

The most well-liked dog name during the Meiji Period was “Pochi” (about 100 years ago).

Pochi-named dogs are frequently hardworking, devoted, and tenacious. This name is also linked to empathy and companionship.

A year for the mutts among us to establish a name for ourselves in dog-loving Japan.

Dogs and the Japanese have a long history together, as evidenced by the lion-dog deity figure known as komainu that can be found on the grounds and gates of Shinto temples all around Japan. Late in the Edo Period (1842, to be precise).

Pochi, a diminutive Japanese Shiba Inu, belonged to Tsugumi Harudori’s family and was kept as a pet. Pochie perished in an unspecified deadly accident, and it is now unknown what gender it is.

Little is known about Pochi, other than that it is playful and constantly has an upbeat smile on its face.

Pochi is a tiny Japanese dog breed with jet-black eyes and golden fur with an accent of eggshell. Pochi has little eyebrow formations over its eyes, which are highlighted by the lighter colour of its fur, and as is traditional for Shiba Inus, it swirls its tail in the opposite direction. Pochie also wore a crimson collar throughout Tsugumi’s formative years, and he appeared shorter and younger.

Pochi has a relationship with all of the Harudoris because he is their family pet.

Pochi has likely been a member of Tsugumi’s family for at least four and possibly seven years. In a flashback, Pochi is revealed to be an extremely active dog, just like her parents. For instance, Pochi is seen playing baseball outside with Tsugumi and her older brother. Pochi is also seen to be very rowdy and energetic around Tsugumi.

PochiDao is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), a new type of legal structure without a single ruling body whose members are all committed to acting in the organization’s best interests. popularised by fans of the cryptocurrency Polygon Blockchain.

PochiDao will be used in a bottom-up management style to make choices.

A PochiDao lacks a central authority; instead, token holders cast votes on behalf of the entire community.

The goal of a PochiDao is to encourage management and monitoring of an entity that resembles a company. The lack of a centralised power structure—instead, the collective group of participants and leaders serves as the governing body—is crucial.

Instead of a single, frequently significantly outnumbered central authority, decisions affecting PochDao are made by a group of people. rather than relying on the acts of a single developer or a small group of people.

PochiDao has the ability to decentralise power across all token holders.

When token holders have a direct say and vote in all decisions, they may feel more in control and connected to the business. Despite the fact that these people may not have much influence over the voting process, a PochiDao encourages token holders to vote, burn tokens, or utilise their tokens in ways they believe are beneficial for the corporation.

The idea of a PochiDao inspires individuals from various corners of the globe to collaborate invisibly to realise a shared vision. Token holders can communicate with other holders from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

Members of a PochiDao could be inspired to work together with like-minded people who share their objectives inside a single community.

The social, environmental, and economic acts of individuals and groups who are aware that every person is a citizen of the world are referred to as “global citizenship.” It is about how decisions made in one area of the world can have an impact on individuals living in another area. And about how everyone is of equal value and that we all have a similar humanity. It entails having an open mind to interacting favourably with people of different ages, races, and cultures as well as the capacity to spot and dispel misconceptions. It also has to do with how we respect everyone’s human rights while fairly using and distributing the resources of the planet.


The Polygon platform connects Ethereum-based projects and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. While maintaining the security, interoperability, and structural advantages of the Ethereum blockchain, using the Polygon platform can boost the flexibility, scalability, and sovereignty of a blockchain enterprise.

The Polygon network seeks to solve the Ethereum platform’s drawbacks, particularly its high transaction fees and sluggish transaction processing times, as a supplementary scaling solution.

In 2021, Polygon established Polygon Studios as a division with a focus on blockchain gaming and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

If successful, 11 Polygon Studios might make Polygon a top technology provider for decentralised gaming and NFTs.



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