Little Travellers Is a Full-Service European Trip Planner Building Customized Trip Plans from Scratch

January 24 02:30 2023
From the storied cobblestone streets of Prague and the enchanting Italian Cinque Terre to a Greek island hopping experience and beyond, Little Travellers plans customized European trips, personalizing each step of the itinerary based on the client’s needs and interests.

The travel experts at Little Travellers work with clients to design a personalized custom European vacation, selecting each detail to fit the client’s inclinations. From hotels and flights to must-see sights and hidden gems, Little Travellers takes care of all the details, so all clients need to do is enjoy the trip.

“At Little Travellers, we are not a classic travel agency. We do not cooperate with any of our recommendations in order to provide a fully custom experience,” the founders said. “Travel planning requires collaboration and a deep understanding of your needs and motivations. All the choices of visits, places, and activities will be based on your interests and preferences.”

How it works

European trip planning is a collaborative effort. Little Travellers starts the process by getting to know clients, what they like and dislike, how they enjoy travelling, and what the ideal vacation would be like for them using a detailed questionnaire. The team of experts creates a prospective travel plan, clients review it and make suggestions, and Little Travellers finalizes everything. All that’s left is for clients to discover their chosen destination through a detailed plan, custom itinerary, and Google lists, with Little Travellers experts available for support if there are any concerns. 

“Are you tired of standard holiday packages?” Little Travellers founders said. “Do it uniquely! Let’s plan your fully customized trip to Europe.”

Plan a trip to Europe with Little Travellers

Clients who plan a European trip through Little Travellers receive a detailed PDF containing everything they need to know before travelling, and trip details like events, flights, hotels, transportation, restaurants, sightseeing, local tips, and more. 

Little Travellers trip packages also include a mobile itinerary on the client’s smartphone, which contains the trip PDF and:

–  Navigation to all parts of the trip via Google Maps.
–  Ability to access all bookings in one place to simplify check-ins.
–  Covid rules to ensure clients enjoy their trip safely. 


Visit the Little Travellers website to learn more about custom travel planning in Europe. Reach out on Instagram and Facebook to connect with the company through social media.  

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