Metal and gold detectors from Ajax Detection Offer Easy-to-Use Devices with High-Quality Efficiency and Accurate Results

January 24 03:09 2023
Ajax Detection offers a range of products to detect gold, precious metals, groundwater, voids, diamonds, and other gemstones using the latest scientific technology to deliver the best in gold and metal detection.

For decades, Ajax Detection Technology LTD has been associated with the industry’s best technology for detecting a variety of underground objects. The company dedicates itself to providing superior products worth the investment and repeat customer business. 

“As a result, those efforts led to the brilliant reputation Ajax Detection Technology products have gained—known to be the best, though not the best price,” company founders said.  

Ajax Detection employs a team of experts for every stage of the company, from talented engineers and skilled technicians to dedicated administrative staff and everyone in between. All are committed to seeing the company succeed by delivering quality that speaks for itself. 

Ajax Detectors

Ajax Detection offers the best gold detectors available with a product line of unsurpassed quality. 

Alpha Gold Detector—$4,900
Targets gold, nuggets, precious metals, diamonds, and voids to a maximum depth of 50 meters with a long-range distance of 2,850 meters and two detection systems. 

Iota Treasure Detector—$6,400
Targets gold, silver, bronze, platinum, and copper to a maximum depth of 20 meters with a long-range distance of 200 meters. 

Electra Diamond Detector—$4,100
Targets diamonds, emeralds, and other gemstones to a maximum depth of 100 meters with a long-range distance of 2,850 meters and two detection systems. 

Omega Groundwater Detector—$5,100
Targets mineral water, freshwater, and saltwater to a maximum depth of 500 meters with a long-range distance of 2,850 meters and three detection systems. 

Gamma 3D Live Scanner—$7,400
Targets precious metals, voids, mining operations, archeological sites, unexploded ordinance, pipes, and wires to a maximum depth of 10 meters and three detection systems.

Primero Gold Metal Detector—$11,900
Targets gold, nuggets, silver, copper, bronze, aluminum, iron, platinum, caves, tin, lead, meteorites, diamonds, emeralds, groundwater, and cavities to a maximum depth of 50 meters with a long-range distance of 2,250 meters and nine detection systems. 

Premier mineral and void detection technology

Ajax Detectors utilize specialized technology to detect all types of precious metals, gold and gold nuggets, diamond, gemstones, cavities, voids, and groundwater with long-range capabilities. 

–  Suitable for open areas
–  Pulse induction
–  3D Ground scanning
–  Detect archeological targets
–  All Ajax products include a two-year warranty


Visit the Ajax Detection website to learn about the latest in industry technology and new product developments. Reach out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with the brand on social media. 

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