Scott Boaman – The Pivot Project talks about his ministry through The Pivot Project and his upcoming book, “Navigating A Life Interruption.”

January 24 23:18 2023
Author, motivational speaker, life coach, and seasoned business owner is helping people navigate life’s unexpected difficulties with his upcoming book, “Navigating A Life Interruption,” and The Pivot Project.

Nothing in life is promised, but still, unexpected difficulties throw most people off balance. For many people, a life interruption could become the point when they give up, lose all the will to try, or it could mark a turning point, where people latch onto every available thread of hope. According to Author Scott Boaman, navigating a life interruption is difficult but not impossible. By simply understanding and embracing the new chapter, people can transform their lives, find peace and comfort, and push forward.

During a routine checkup, Scott was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. At the age of 56, this news was devastating, scary, and what he describes as one of his life’s greatest interruptions. As he navigated this difficult time, he experienced closeness and oneness with God like never before. This became his source of strength, and as he navigated the rough waters, he thought to share tools and principles that helped him cope. His upcoming book details his experience and shares how people can find something to live for even in the toughest season of their life. Besides the book, Scott also launched the Scott Boaman – The Pivot Project, an initiative created to help people through difficult times.

Navigating a life interruption

On February 28th, Scott Boaman’s book, “Navigating A Life Interruption,” will be released. The book is a self-help journal that helps people find the light in their darkest experiences. The book shares how even through the most life-changing news, God’s help will guide people to comfort and peace. The book will offer readers encouragement and guided steps to take ownership of their lives in every situation. “Navigating A Life Interruption” features audio content, video messages, and written content and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

The book is a compilation of tools God put in his heart during his difficult season. “When you are in a season of life that is filled with pain, hopelessness, and difficulties, God has a way of showing you what really matters most in life.”

The Pivot Project

Scott Boaman – The Pivot Project gives people hope for better times as they walk through challenging times. Scott shares that life interruptions present some of the loneliest times in a person’s life. The Pivot Project provides resources to help people find hope and guidance through community, written material, podcast, and coaching. “We walk alongside you while navigating God’s plan and message for your life.”

The Pivot Project draws lessons and experiences from its founder, Scott. He shares the difficulties and the path to finding hope, a journey that led him to find a newfound meaning in life. The purpose of the ministry is to empower people to strengthen their closeness with God. The movement helps people find refuge in their oneness with God.

Every life interruption Scott has experienced brought him closer and strengthened his oneness with God. Today, he embraces life interruptions as vehicles to bless others by sharing tools and principles to press forward. Scott is involved in various ministry organizations and works with his wife, Darlene, to provide pre-marriage facilitation at their church, TBCO.

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