Know The Best Practices for Agricultural Harvester Equipment Care

January 28 12:00 2023
Know The Best Practices for Agricultural Harvester Equipment Care

Caring for agricultural harvester equipment is essential to maintaining a viable farming operation. If a farmer has just a single vintage grain binder or multiple pieces of modern harvesting machinery, treating those machines with the respect they deserve helps ensure they last as long as possible and continue to operate at peak performance. Discover some best practices to help people keep their harvester equipment in top condition and minimize any necessary repairs or replacements.

Use High-Quality Parts as Often as Possible

Ensuring that agricultural harvester equipment is properly maintained is essential to keeping it in good running condition. One best practice that should always be followed is to use high-quality parts and components as often as possible. This will help reduce the risk of breakdowns or other malfunctions, ultimately saving time and money in the long run.

Experts at recommend only using manufacturer-approved parts because they are designed specifically for the machine, potentially avoiding costly repairs down the line. Additionally, when shopping for harvester parts and supplies in California, look for discounts and limited-time offers that could help make maintenance tasks more affordable.

Staying Up To Date with Service Contracts

Staying up to date with service contracts and following instructions provided by the harvester equipment manufacturer is one of the best practices for agricultural harvester equipment care. Well-maintained equipment is a valuable asset to any agricultural organization, reducing possible issues due to the equipment’s long-term wear and tear and sparing farmers from costly downtime and spending money on unnecessary repairs or replacement parts. California Industrial Rubber Co. supports this best practice recommendation, as taking preventive action to keep the equipment in good condition will save farmers time and money in the long run, thus allowing them to bring in better yields each harvest season.

Regularly Test and Double Check Sensors, Wires, And Other Electrical

Proper care for agricultural harvester equipment should begin with routine tests and double checks of electrical components like sensors, wires, and other components. This will help to prevent them from becoming damaged or disconnected over time.

Farmers and operators are better assured of their harvest yields by ensuring all connections are secure. Suppose any components do require replacement to ensure maximum efficiency. In that case, contact a dealer at for help.

Clean Filters Regularly

Ensuring that the filters of agricultural harvester equipment are clean is essential to its care and maintenance. Dust, dirt, and other debris can accumulate quickly if not attended to, resulting in reduced system efficiency throughout use. Cleaning the filters regularly is one best practice worth keeping up. Doing so helps to extend filter life considerably by allowing it to work more efficiently; furthermore, it keeps machine parts working at peak performance levels and improves overall system efficiency.

Check for Any Contamination or Blockage of Fuel Components

Regularly checking for contamination or blockages of fuel components is an important practice for the care and maintenance of agricultural harvester equipment. If neglected, fuel system problems will cause costly downtime, so it’s essential to inspect the tank, lines, and filter regularly for any buildup or debris that might restrict fuel flow. If anything suspicious is found, take the necessary steps to address it immediately to ensure the equipment remains in optimal condition.

Performance and longevity are important in farming, and no one knows this better than you. Equip yourself with the knowledge that will improve the lifetime performance of the harvester. In addition, partner with a knowledgeable supplier that can provide on-time and reliable delivery of necessary parts and services when needed.

California Industrial Rubber Company is an excellent resource for all parts, supplies, services, and repairs. Contact our team today to discuss how we can help meet your industrial rubber and plastic product needs.

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