AI, Metaverse and Web 3 Crypto projects are taking a huge hit from the recent drop in Bitcoin prices

February 13 10:28 2023

BingX, the top social crypto trading platform, has reported that investors are uncertain about popular projects within the space of AI, Metaverse and Web3.

The value of Bitcoin is currently standing at 21820.89, which is a decrease from 22947.51 from the previous day and 44383.89 from a year prior. This represents a decline of -4.91% from yesterday and -50.84% from the same time last year.

Following the fall, HIGH in the past 24 hours experienced a 7.95% drop. GALA has also, in the past 24 hours, suffered a 9.67% drop. It has also been reported that land prices on metaverse have dropped 15% in the last 6 months. Many investors on BingX Social feed raised concerns over metaverse project performance in the last quarter. Many have also diverted their attention and funds over to AI projects with the rise of competition within the tech space.

Web 3 projects like MASK and ENS have also seen losing investor’s interests. Reported to a drop of 8.64% in the last 24hrs, MASK needs to rally above investor’s expectations.

With attention on AI projects, AGIX As of today, the SingularityNET (AGIX) price is at US$0.4708, and has a 24-hour trading volume of $480.01 M. In the past 24 hours, it has experienced a decrease of -13.74%. Currently, it is -18.92% from its 7-day high of $0.5807 and has risen 181.56% from its 7-day low of $0.1672. SingularityNET has a circulating supply of 1.2 billion AGIX and a maximum supply of 2 billion AGIX. There is a high chance of recovery within the space of AI and social chatters have seen a huge influx of AI investors.

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