Ranking the best Pro Basketball Trainers on All Social Media

February 14 23:50 2023

We know that hiring professional trainers can be extremely costly for the average person and that the next best thing to resort to is social media. But we also know there are obstacles to finding trustworthy sources. Where should you start? Who should you trust? Are they legit or not? Since we know how overwhelming finding trainers on these platforms can be, we did the work for you and found the top basketball trainers on social media.

The trainers in this article are graded according to their effectiveness on social media using the following metrics: training originality, online training material, program structure (inside the social media postings), and capacity to create content that is searchable by a random player. Remember, this list consists of trainers on social media only and does not rank trainers across the board. Yes, I am talking to you Brandon Payne.

1. Maher Abuawad– New Jersey

Maher Abuawad has silently become the best basketball trainer on social media. He is predominantly on TikTok sharing information on training, coaching, playing, and so much more. He is also the author of the best-selling book, “The New Era Of Basketball Training”, which is kind of like having a coach in your pocket. Abuawad’s social media pages answer questions like how to deal with difficult coaches to, how to elevate your game as a hooper, and how to increase your vertical. You may also find some comic relief on excuses players make and funny player interactions. You will see game tape breakdowns on players such as Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, and so many others. More and more NBA players and trainers have begun to incorporate his methods into their game, and now we’re seeing a huge shift in the way basketball is being played at all levels due in large to his methods

2. Paul J. Fabritz – California

Paul is the creator of PJF Performance LLC and is regarded as one of the best coaches in the world for basketball-specific performance enhancement. He has trained many players including James Harden. He also hosts a well-established podcast with a variety of interesting guests that provide in-depth talks about the science of athletics, specifically basketball. His videos deconstruct several aspects of the game of basketball from the perspective of performance. Among his videos, Fabritz breaks down dribbling, finishing, and attack moves and is a must follow trainer.

3. D. J. Sackmann – New Jersey

D.J. Sackmann has worked with athletes at different skill levels, including Mario Chalmers, Andre Barrett, Evan Turner, and DeMarre Carroll. D.J. is the owner of various basketball training programs that focus on niche areas of basketball. He mainly focuses on high schoolers improving their basketball IQ and skill moves. He is famous for his ideas in hoop study and offers excellent content for every gamer looking to learn a few new tricks. The bonus is that he provides motivational insight on his platforms. I recommend you follow his especially if you are a high school basketball player.

4. Tyler Relph – Texas

Tyler Relph participated in college sports for St. Bonaventure University and West Virginia University. Tyler won the title of Mr. New York Basketball during his final year of high school. He has now coached NBA players such as Julius Randle. On his social media pages, he explains how to become “shiftier” and how to break down dribbling moves. On his page you will find countless dribbling drills and tips on attacking the rim in various situations. Following him will be sure to improve both your handles and your finishes

5. Micah Lancaster – Michigan

One of the most well-known and esteemed skill development trainers in the world is Micah Lancaster. Victor Oladipo, Kyrie Irving, and Karl-Anthony Towns are just a few of the NBA players that Micah has worked with as the innovator of the contemporary training approach known as Skill Enhancement training. On his pages, he mentions his Trainer University program, where Micah has certified and instructed thousands of trainers, and athletes from all over the world. He has also created several products including the Rip Cone, Medicine Basketball, Weighted Tennis Balls, and Footwork Training GripMats which he demonstrates in his videos. He deconstructs NBA game tape so that young players can understand the methods behind the movement.

6. Chris Brickley – New York

Chris Brickley’s growth mentality and unwavering quest of excellence motivate both professional and ardent hoopers. Chris worked his way up from an Ole Miss graduate assistant position to become the Division I assistant coach at Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. Carmelo Anthony, CJ McCollum, D’Angelo Russell, Kevin Durant, and many others are now among his clients and make appearances on his social media pages. Star basketball players wishing to play runs during the summer frequently occupy his BlackOps gym in Manhattan. His pages will include how to integrate balance, coordination, and explosive activities and is a great source for those wishing to incorporate new exercises in their routines.

7. Jordan Lawley – California

Jordan Lawley breaks down 2-1 and 1-1 game situation and option choices in each set in his feeds. His social media highlights attacking from the wings and how to finish against taller defenders. You’ll see NBA players such as Zach LaVine demonstrating some of his techniques. Side Note: He is a recent cancer survivor and shares bits of his journey. His platforms have a fun and positive vibe which make him easy to follow.

8. Ryan Razooky – California

Ryan Razooky, gives tried-and-true training methods. He provides drills, tactics, and strategies that may all be put into practice right away. He aids in the development of a thorough understanding of various attack option movements and dribble techniques that great players must master. He trains one of the best potential NBA prospects, Mikey Williams. Ryan’s feeds focus mostly on youth skill development. So, if you’re a middle schooler or high school player, he might be worth a look.

9.  Dorian A. Lee – Georgia

Dorian Lee focuses on quick-release shooting techniques, fluid transitional ball handling drills, explosive post play, and explosive finishing. There is an emphasis on functional movement as movement that directly affects in-game performance. He shows players how to handle contact when attacking the basket. Dorian’s feeds dissect numerous 1v1 encounters and option calls. With over 20 years of experience, he provides some great insight for any player to listen to. If you’re a player looking to improve your finishes through contact, Dorian is worth a look.

10. Andrew Moran – Florida

Andrew Moran has been training since 2008, and his area of expertise is skill development. Andrew also has coaching expertise as well. In 2011, he was Miami Senior High School’s assistant coach, where he focused on player development. NBA Players like John Wall have been trained by him. In his feeds, he emphasizes unique drills, style moves and thoughtfully dissects the distinctiveness of each motion. He creates some unique drills that test a player’s ability and is worth a look purely to see his different exercises.

Now that you have a list of some of the top trainers to investigate, look at which ones pique your curiosity. If you find their feeds interesting, then it might be worth giving them a follow on their social media platform.

Some advice when dissecting a trainer’s posts and feed. Objectively pay attention to what the trainer posts in relation to your personal player needs before modifying your workouts and training regimen. It’s easy to get excited over a drill that seems cool, but ask yourself a question, “Is this drill purely aesthetic? Or does it have real game value?”, If it has real game value, then ask yourself this next question, “Does this drill add to the areas that fit my personal player development?” Understand why it’s important to include a given drill into your game and what the benefits are. As you absorb the content, the next suggestive step is to understand what your goals are for basketball. Baseline your current self and start to gameplan your timeframe within your goal timeline needs. You can do this by breaking down your game into parts. Figure out what areas you need to strengthen to enhance your existing role(s) for your team(s), to boost your player efficiency rating and elevate your team’s performance. This will be one of the best plans of attack you can follow initially, until you develop an understanding of your game at the most effective rate and tweak from there.

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