The New Memoir on Resilience Released on Amazon

February 15 05:04 2023
Andrew Fitzgerald has published his memoir How Did I Get Here? Traveling the Road to Resilience. An immigrant to the US from Ireland, Fitzgerald shares his story of life-altering events and how he survived by calling on his resilience.

The book’s subtitle, My Journey and Lessons Learned from Health Crises, Emigration, and Business, illustrates the areas of his life that created obstacles which he had to overcome.

In his poignant memoir, author Fitzgerald relates his journey of emigrating to America from Ireland, only to return to Ireland, and then back to America for good. He explores his struggles with health crises, corporate culture, miscarriage grief, and adapting to his new country.

 “I flatlined twice and was brought back to life,” said Fitzgerald. “Yet the tragedies allowed me to be determined to live a full life, to follow my dreams and ambitions. Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives.” Along with these two experiences, he and his wife shared another series of tragedies.

 “After traveling the world and ultimately immigrating to America from Ireland, my wife and I were ready to start a family,” he said. “Unfortunately, it turned out to be another road for me to demonstrate resilience. We went through four miscarriages, until the thrilling birth of our son, Alfie.”

 And the road to the US also presented its challenges. The Fitzgeralds heard about the visa lottery and applied so they could legally enter the US. However, when the drawing came, neither was selected. As it turned out, the lottery was incorrectly drawn, and when corrected Jane Fitzgerald was selected, so both husband and wife received permanent resident cards to immigrate to America.

 “Although it had been an ambition of ours for a while after visiting the States several times, the adjustment did not go well,” stated Fitzgerald. “We wound up returning to Ireland, and then realizing our rash decision, we moved back the US permanently.”

The author also shares his highs and lows of his experiences in the corporate world, primarily in the alcohol business as he moves from one company to another always improving his sales skills. Having held a variety of positions with major brands, Fitzgerald is now entering the business world as a corporate coach and trainer.

 “I found each section very relatable,” said Maria Leech, also an Irish immigrant. “The clear and unique voice comes through on every page. The tone is uplifting even when the topics are heartbreaking and difficult to read.” The inspiring quotes, heart-wrenching stories, and key learnings at the end of each section all add up to a book that anyone who has had to overcome trials in their personal or professional life will gain value from.

How Did I Get Here? is available as a paperback and ebook.

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