What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Production Process Of PE Sheets

February 27 13:32 2023

What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Production Process Of Pe Sheets

The selection of raw materials and the construction process should be paid attention to during the production and manufacture of PE boards. The raw materials for the manufacture of PE sheets are inert molecular raw materials, and the fluidity of the raw materials is poor. This has brought a little trouble to the manufacture of PE sheets, so the choice of raw materials for the manufacture of PE sheets is very important. In order to solve the problems of die difficulty and gaseous matter increase caused by poor fluidity of raw materials, some lubricants should be added when selecting raw materials. The choice of lubricants mainly includes stearic acid and salts. The PE sheet produced in this way has a uniform material and no air bubbles.

In terms of construction techniques, better quality PE panels can be obtained by improving the construction process. The main methods to improve the process are to grasp the amount of feed material, measure the amount of material needed in advance, do not overfill or lack of material, and adjust the amount of material to a higher level for PE boards. It is best to use high-pressure and rapid injection method to produce, so that better plates can be obtained.

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