Root & Seed Embraces Heritage and Meaningful Connections with Newly Launched Conversation Cards

March 01 14:12 2023
The Root & Seed Conversations Cards are designed to help people rediscover their culture.

Root & Seed is bridging the gap between families and their heritage with its newly launched Conversation Cards. These are designed to encourage meaningful conversations and inspire unique stories that continue to shape family culture and traditions.

In a world where heritage preservation is disorganized or often thought of at the end of life, the Root & Seed Conversation Cards offer an opportunity for families to reconnect with their roots and celebrate the experiences that brought them together.

Inside each pack are 68 thought-provoking questions covering topics on celebrations, food, family stories, and traditions. The cards also come with an online recording companion tool that allows players to document their stories and preserve them for the future generation. Other prompts can also be accessed through the companion tool.

The Root & Seed Conversation Cards have been well-received by families in testing and are instrumental in empowering them to capture the full color of their heritage.

Here’s what they have to say about Root & Seed:

“I bought five packs of cards and gave one to each of my sisters, my mom, and my dad’s wife. They were a big hit. We have come to a critical place as a family where the stories we need to keep knowledge of our past for the future are literally dying out. I have the R&S cards to help the women have the conversations to harvest the stories from our older generation. It was an incredibly meaningful gift to give.” – Jane M.H.

“We love Root and Seed. Not only can I share my family culture and traditions with my son. I can also learn about my husband’s family. We love the conversation tool; it helps us ask questions that we never asked before.” – Angie Lowis

Root & Seed is launching on Kickstarter on Mar 1, 2023

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