Go Deep Kids: Tyler Boylston’s Influential Youth Football Group Impacts Lives

March 10 07:36 2023
Go Deep Kids is a specialized football program for kids designed for each growth level, offering a gratifying and fun experience.

Tyler Boylston is elevating Florida Flag Football in Jacksonville with his organization, Go Deep Kids, which provides specialized football activities for children ages 3 to 8. 

Tyler had a strong connection to football since he was three years old when his father started coaching a football team. Go Deep Kids, based in Jacksonville, FL, offers fun sportsmanship and an engaging atmosphere in which children may learn the principles of flag football while also being encouraged to grow in character and talent.

“The success of our program is not merely about season wins and how a team can make it to a championship game. It is about the experience,” states Tyler.

“We work daily to educate children’s life skills to foster a society of courteous, devoted, and hardworking leaders who will be our future. Our coaches recognize that they can mold and support the young, and we give them the tools to do so,” he continued.

Sports, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, develop physical abilities, encourage exercise, foster friendships, provide opportunities for fun, and raise children’s self-esteem. Go Deep Kids aims to influence lives by providing children with a unique football experience in a secure and exciting setting, using the most excellent tools available, from skilled coaches to interactive activities.

FIRST is the priority for Go Deep Kids, with an emphasis on attaining success in both life and youth sports. Family, Impact, Respect, Success, and Time comprise the acronym FIRST.

Family: Go Deep Kids believes family involvement is essential for children to succeed and reach their fullest potential. 

Impact: Go Deep Kids employs coaches passionate about making a difference in their players’ lives and developing them on and off the field.

Respect: Sport is an excellent method for children and teenagers to acquire values like good sportsmanship, which includes winning without bragging, respecting opponents, and being able to lose graciously.

Success: The Go Deep Kids program is the roadmap for character development success. Its ultimate objective is to provide children with a secure and supportive atmosphere that allows them to be the most excellent versions of themselves.

Timing: Go Deep Kids emphasizes on playfulness and discovery. To reduce frustration, each weekly session is kept to 30 minutes. Children begin to develop the skills for next-level activities and safety at 4-6 years old.


The social, emotional, mental, and physical benefits of youth football far outweigh any minimal potential risk of injury during play. Go Deep Kids provides a secure and influential atmosphere for children to succeed.

For more information on their program, please visit their website below. 

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