Starting Today, Canadian Citizens Can Apply For A Saudi Visa Through The Saudi-Visa Online Portal.

August 31 19:42 2023

saudi-visa, the leading provider of online visa services, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.saudi-visa offers a simple and convenient way for visitors to obtain a visa to Saudi Arabia. The new website provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to complete the visa application process in just a few minutes.saudi-visa is committed to providing the highest quality visa services available and our new website is just one way we are doing that. We are confident that our new website will provide our customers with a superior experience and we look forward to continuing to serve our valued customers.


Starting today, Canadian citizens can apply for a Saudi visa through the online portal This new e-visa system makes it easier and faster for Canadians to obtain a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia.Applicants simply need to create an account on and submit their personal information, travel itinerary, and passport details. Once the application is complete, they will receive their visa electronically within 72 hours.This new e-visa system is part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to streamline the visa application process and make it more convenient for travellers. With this new system, we hope to facilitate more travel and cultural exchange between Saudi Arabia and Canada.


The Saudi government has announced that it will now be offering visas to Bulgarian citizens. This is a significant development, as Saudi Arabia has historically been quite restrictive when it comes to issuing visas.The new visa regime will come into effect immediately, and interested Bulgarian citizens can apply for a visa through the Saudi Embassy in Sofia. It is expected that this move will boost tourism and trade between the two countries.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that it will now offer visa-free travel to Dutch citizens. This is a major initiative by the Saudi government to encourage tourism and boost the economy.Dutch citizens can now enjoy all that Saudi Arabia has to offer, including its stunning natural beauty, rich culture, and vibrant nightlife. This is a great opportunity for those who have always wanted to visit the kingdom but were previously deterred by the visa requirements.So if you’re a Dutch citizen planning your next vacation, be sure to add Saudi Arabia to your list!


The Saudi Arabian government has announced that it will be issuing visas to Danish citizens from September 1st. This is great news for those looking to travel to Saudi Arabia, as Denmark is now the first European country to be granted this privilege.This visa allows for a single entry into the country for business or tourism, and is valid for a stay of up to 90 days. Those wishing to apply for the visa can do so through the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in Denmark.This is a big step forward for tourism in Saudi Arabia, and we look forward to welcoming more visitors from Denmark and other countries in the future.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that it will now grant visas to Croatia citizens. This is great news for travelers looking to experience the rich culture and attractions of Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture. Visitors will be able to explore its stunning mosques, ancient ruins, and beautiful landscapes. With its new visa policy, Saudi Arabia is opening its doors to even more visitors from around the world.

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