Out of the Shadows and Into the Spotlight – the Secret Life of a Filmmaker Whose Introduction to the World Has Been 27 Years in the Making

September 06 11:18 2023

Her name is Angel Katherine Taormina. She is a filmmaker. The presentation of that sentence may seem long overdue for a woman who has 18 IMDb-credited films to her name and has been working in various forms of entertainment for 27 years. But the 34-year-old is quite confident that it was the unsung work she did for all those years that led to her emerging as the filmmaker she is today.

Angel was eager to perform from a young age. It did not matter to her what she was doing, as long as she was expressing herself in some artistic format. She sang the Star-Spangled Banner at a Janet Paschal concert at the age of 7. She wrote, directed, and starred in a children’s educational video at the age of 13 based on a script she wrote when she was 10. She made a short film in silent-film-style when she was 17 and got her first film festival award nomination. She filmed an experimental documentary in Paris at the age of 20. 

Angel spent years making experimental films and also working in the field of live performance for the privileged few to get a glimpse of her- learning about and documenting every aspect of the Arts and putting them together in unique, expressive, and experimental ways so as best to convey her storytelling. In 2001, she began to write novels and, to date, has self-published eleven novels as well as a book of short stories that documented the exact happenings of the stories she told through live performance, which was known as “Stagebooks” and, later, when she implemented those performances into an experimental narrative film, became known as “Cinetage”. The experimental film into which she implemented every aspect of her journey in the Arts to showcase them all together in a narrative format was called “The Saints of the Rue Scribe” and was based on her 2012 novel of the same title. It was the climax of everything she had ever done in any art form she had ever laid hands on.

Angel’s life was one of experimentation and creativity that was difficult to define until she started to learn about the medium of feature film. All of a sudden, she felt there was a place for her where she fit in. Suddenly, experimentation had found its completion but the idea of being a storyteller as a filmmaker was just beginning. Suddenly, there were new possibilities for Angel’s creative mind. Though it seems strange to talk about beginnings 27 years into a person’s career, for Angel Katherine Taormina, it makes perfect sense. She was trading one career for another. Experimental arts for filmmaking. Working in the shadows for working in the spotlight. She had achieved all of her goals and had now discovered an entirely new set of goals which, ironically, she never would have discovered had she not taken her experimental path in the first place. 

Throughout the years, Angel’s experimental lifestyle would frequently cross paths with filmmaking, and Angel always kept in the back of her mind that she liked the feeling. The idea of being a filmmaker. Everything about being a filmmaker in the film industry. Her artistic experiments concluded, she decided to pursue that with which she had fallen in love- becoming a fully-fledged filmmaker. She felt confident in her choice and felt that she had found the right life ahead of her. There was so much to do. The creator in the shadows was ready to step into the spotlight.

Angel Katherine Taormina is a 34-year-old filmmaker hailing from New York City and based in Florida. An eclectic, fun-loving, world-travelling, insightful storyteller with a 5’2 stature, committed work ethic, and bubbly personality, Angel is preparing to embark on her first feature film. Though details are kept under wraps, one thing is for certain. By the time this filmmaker’s work is presented to the public, they will know her name.

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