Inkyy, a Multi-Million-Dollar Design Agency, Has Made Huge Changes As They Introduce Unlimited Services

September 06 11:39 2023
After going from a classic design agency to one that offers unlimited services, Inkyy is revealing the details of what it takes to start an agency and how they can be a crucial piece to growing and maintaining that new business. With hundreds of clients already using their services, this talented team of designers could be the key to an entrepreneur’s future success.

Inkyy began as a standard website and graphic design agency. Just like any other, they offered their stellar services to build a new website for a client. With most of their clients existing as small startups, they found that they were constantly on the search for new clients to replace each one they helped. Several million dollars worth of design and over 250 websites later, they began to notice a new trend emerging among their clients.  

Several of these businesses were actually brand-new graphic design agencies. They would create their own website and come to Inkyy for their services in helping to aid their own clients. Fast forward to today, and Inkyy has assisted more than 800 clients as they switched to their unlimited services option. With one subscription replacing up to three employees a month, Inkyy has become a huge helping hand and an irreplaceable business partner to many new and upcoming agencies.  

What an Unlimited Subscription from Inkyy provides 

The graphic design team at Inkyy consists of numerous experts in all kinds of design skills, including:

–  Web design
–  Business cards
–  UI and UX
–  Blog graphics
–  Branding
–  Digital ads
–  App design
–  Icons
–  Wireframes
–  Brand guides
–  Infographics 

Programs and skillsets such as Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Midjourney, and much more allow them to offer virtually any deliverable a client could need. They also work on development with WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.  

Each plan is truly unlimited, offering fast delivery in one to two business days on any request. Not only is every task completed rapidly, but it is delivered with stellar quality and stunning design work.  

Inkyy has made it a point to employ a wide range of design experts, each with their own niche, to ensure any project they receive will have a dedicated designer who knows what they’re doing and can complete the project with a final product that will always leave a client happy.  

Inkyy currently has three plan options: Unlimited Design, Unlimited Dev, and a combination of the two. All three plans will provide access to unlimited requests, unlimited brands (making it perfect for a growing graphic design agency’s needs), and unlimited team members.  

Unlimited Design adds 24–48-hour delivery and free Shutterstock images. With Unlimited Dev, clients receive rapid delivery and more than 40 premium plugin options. The combination plan gets all of these things together at a discounted price.  


Inkyy has moved beyond just a stellar graphic design agency, aiding individual needs. This team of professionals can now be the support a new agency needs to get through their clients’ work. With the Unlimited plans, agencies can bring on a new partner with a vast range of skill sets for one set price each month, no matter how much they grow.  

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