Canopus Biopharma Follows PepsiCo Distributor Deal With Securing A $1 Million Venture Capital Investment ($CBIA)

September 21 09:56 2023
Canopus Biopharma Follows PepsiCo Distributor Deal With Securing A $1 Million Venture Capital Investment ($CBIA)

Canopus Biopharma Inc. (OTC PINK: CBIA) dba Blue Heaven Coffee Inc. (BHC) is changing the unattended retail sector landscape. And based on its announcement Wednesday, there are a million more reasons to appreciate what they’re doing, including in dollar terms. Specifically, CBIA announced receiving a $1,000,000 venture capital investment from a private New York-based office, intended to accelerate CBIA’s (BHC) expansion efforts and secure its place as the leader in providing AI-empowered unattended retail services (vending) in Canada. 

That mission is in progress. And the initial tranche of $350,000 already provided can do plenty to expedite BHC initiatives to deliver AI-empowered, on-the-go, touchless vending solutions to more consumers across Canada. In fact, the capital is earmarked primarily for that purpose, positioning the company better than ever to grow its services footprint and intensify its presence in existing markets. In other words, CBIA (BHC) is shifting from fast growth to hyper, resulting from faster-than-expected penetration into new markets and sectors. Its goal is ambitious: leverage its financing collaboration to provide premium unattended retail solutions within arm’s reach of consumers everywhere.

Investors are taking notice. CBIA shares are trading over 63% higher on the news. Still, their price is bargain basement at an astoundingly low $0.0018, off its 52-week high of $0.22 by over 99%. Ironically, CBIA is better positioned today than when it scored that high. Thus, the spark on Wednesday may ignite a more significant rally fuse, lit by growing bullish sentiment that is more likely than not to send shares higher. Many think appreciably so. (*share price of $0.0018, Yahoo! Finance, 9:59 AM EST)

Supporting The CBIA Bullish Proposition

That’s not an overly ambitious presumption. It might be if CBIA wasn’t a game-changer in its sector. That’s not the case; CBIA is. Moreover, they are proving they have what it takes to succeed in a global economy where trillions of dollars are spent daily through automated, unattended vending machines. In fact, since changing its business focus to operate as Blue Heaven Coffee, Inc., the company has made significant strides to create considerable and sustainable intrinsic shareholder value. That’s accrued from what they own. 

The more significant value driver attracting investor attention is the inherent revenue-generating potential from those assets. And it should, considering that CBIA is already leveraging the value from its Blue Heaven Cafe’s retail sales as well as from its fleet of digital, automated, retail-focused advertising solutions. The latter are not more of the same. CBIA products, devices, and technology differences have advantages, with the most significant being connected and managed via a single platform, enabling cutting-edge access to programmatic advertising revenue.

That connectivity is the “secret sauce” in the value proposition because it allows CBIA to offer its clients things that its competitors aren’t, an opportunity to profit share by facilitating their tapping into the emerging and lucrative world of programmatic marketing revenue, scored from next-generation capabilities that provide value beyond the basic framework of unattended retail. That’s what likely led one of the world’s largest companies to put trust in CBIA. 

Programmatic Marketing Takes Vending To A New Level

CBIA announced this month its distributor partnership beverage agreement with the world-renowned PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) beverage company, establishing CBIA/BHC as the exclusive cold-beverage provider for BHC’s unattended retail platforms across the company’s North American footprint. It’s an agreement already contributing to CBIA’s growth, enhanced by PepsiCo providing $250,000 in deployed unattended retail equipment, customized vendor pricing, national equipment repair support, and a unique vendor rebate program. That’s not all. BHC gets the power of PepsiCo’s brand recognition to help drive revenues, with the PepsiCo equipment brandishing the well-recognized logo and offering its most popular beverage brands, including Pepsi, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Lipton, Starbucks Cold Brew, and Bubbly prominently accessible throughout North America.

The agreement certainly is worthy of investor attention. It also supports a re-appraisal of CBIA stock, factoring in the trust PEP gives CBIA/BHC and the value from a collaboration intending to maximize BHC’s proficiency in unattended and attended retail solutions. Thus, while the deal is a milestone reached, it could soon become a catalyst for near and long-term growth. CEO Justin De Four thinks so, saying, “Our unique collaboration with PepsiCo was a monumental step for BHC as we amplify our influence and potential in the Canadian sector.” He added, “In synergy, we have always aimed to blend the strength of their brand and our technological advancements to craft seamless, sustainable consumer experiences. These will emphasize reduced human engagement, constant availability, uniformity, ease, and modernity.”

From a value perspective, it makes sense for investors to assume that working with PEP will expedite the mutual objective to unearth new growth pathways and penetrate emerging markets. For BHC specifically, it can accelerate CBIA’s expanding its business footprint into multiple new markets, supported and fueled by the brand and marketing muscle of a global food and beverage powerhouse that can facilitate making CBIA/BHC the trusted name in automated retail. Other updates support the CBIA value proposition. More importantly, they expose why CBIA may be a products and technology company not to be ignored.

Maximizing Value From Its Revolutionizing Touchless Vending

Last month, CBIA unveiled the details of its innovative fleet of touchless and traditional vending machines strategically positioned in high-traffic, high-impact locations across North America. Earning those spaces is no coincidence. Since its inception, BHC has innovated unattended and attended retail solutions, revolutionizing the customer experience through its extensive network of custom-engineered touchless vending machines, smart kitchens, micro markets, workplace coffee services, and digital water coolers. They do so by integrating the power of AI. 

That integration isn’t a small inclusion to ride the coattails of the booming AI sector. BHC’s touchless vending machines invariably rely on AI to elevate the user experience through an innovative user interface and automated programmatic ad scheduling capabilities. This unique feature provides media owners unparalleled control over creative content timing, management, and monetization of their digital signage. In other words, by leveraging real-time buying and selling of ad inventory, advertisers can strategically target their audiences with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Having that real-time data to drive better advertising decisions is an advertiser’s dream, potentially saving them millions from ineffective, non-targeted advertising. 

Keeping its message in front of consumers when they want it is just one advantage. Others inherent to programmatic advertising, powered by CBIA’s cutting-edge technologies, offer real-time bidding, data-driven targeting, cross-device targeting, and ad optimization through machine learning. Advertisers also get AI-assisted data analytics that enhances precision and efficiency in reaching the desired audience. More directly said, advertisers can switch gears instantly, advertising their products to a football-following demographic one minute and changing to speak to a health-conscious audience the next. From an advertiser’s perspective, it’s a powerful, useful technology. And from CBIA’s (BHC) perspective, it’s a potentially massive value driver. 

AI-Empowered Vending Solutions Fuel BHC’s Growth

That sentiment is warranted. BHC’s versatile cold beverage and snack combo touchless vending machines are retail game changers, leveraging optical sensor technology to adapt to consumer behavior and demographics, delivering unparalleled insights into shopper preferences. Able to instantly change messaging, BHC’s sophisticated technology facilitates full-screen video advertisements, product animations, combo deals, and QR code-based product recommendations. Results-driven, BHC designed its technology to enhance a user-centered experience with an appealing touchscreen interface that instantly engages customers with desired products. Their speed, convenience, and instant product delivery make them ideally suited for high-traffic areas. And not just related to cold beverages.

Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy the catered benefits of BHC’s round-the-clock, unattended coffee shop experience through its advanced hot beverage vending machines at its Blue Heaven Cafe’. These feature an intuitive, self-service touchscreen interface and an extensive drink menu, including drip coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, café mochas, hot chocolates, tea, and other on-the-go beverages. Select locations even offer premium Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, emphasizing BHC’s dedication to delivering a superior coffee experience. This is no Casey’s General Store (NASDAQ: CASY) drip coffee. While Casey’s is good, BHC’s is great. That results from BHC using a unique brewing and filtering system that ensures precise ingredient controls for consistent taste, aroma, and appearance in every cup. Best of all, that end product is delivered on demand and dispensed within seconds to provide a gourmet experience comparable to traditional coffee shops. That’s not all. 

Adding convenience to quality, BHC vending machines feature contactless cashless payment options, accepting credit or debit cards (swiping or tapping), and mobile payment options such as Google Pay (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Apple Pay (NASDAQ: AAPL). Combining these strengths and advantages, BHC’s pace of expanding its revenue-generating footprint across multiple markets is accelerating, enabled by best-in-industry products and technology and leveraging its trusted name in automated retail.

A Rally In Progress

Thus, while the 63% rally so far on Wednesday is impressive, the sum of CBIA’s parts may be worth considerably more. In fact, combining intrinsic assets, inherent potential, million-dollar strategic financing, a deal with PepsiCo, and a revenue-generating tailwind, CBIA stock may indeed be on a path toward reclaiming its 52-week high, 12,122% higher than its current $0.0018. They are certainly better positioned than ever to reach that mark. So, don’t be misled by the nanocap share price. Companies can and do transform. 

News and market sentiment indicate that CBIA has made that turn. That’s more than excellent news for them; it may also expose a value investment proposition worthy of quick consideration. After all, windows of opportunity don’t stay open forever. In CBIA’s case, being in rally mode, on investors’ radar, and ideally positioned to capitalize on significant revenue-generating opportunities during the remainder of 2023, theirs may close sooner rather than later. Based on company guidance, deservedly so.



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