Specialty Marine: Preserving the Legacy of Classic Boston Whalers

December 08 20:24 2023
Specialty Marine: Preserving the Legacy of Classic Boston Whalers
With Hard-to-Find Parts and Expertise

Specialty Marine, a renowned provider of restoration parts and services for classic Boston Whaler boats, has announced its commitment to sourcing and selling parts for these timeless vessels, even when they are no longer available from the manufacturer. This initiative is a significant boon for enthusiasts and owners dedicated to maintaining and restoring their beloved Boston Whalers.

Boston Whalers, known for their exceptional quality and iconic status, have a passionate following. However, as these boats age, finding original parts becomes increasingly challenging. Specialty Marine steps in to fill this gap by offering a comprehensive range of parts and accessories specifically designed for various Boston Whaler models.

“Our goal is to ensure that every Boston Whaler enthusiast has access to the parts they need to keep their boats in pristine condition,” said Eric Barnett, CEO of Specialty Marine. “We understand the importance of preserving the heritage and performance of these classic boats, and our team is dedicated to providing quality parts and expert advice.”

Specialty Marine’s inventory includes everything from cushions and seating to mahogany interiors, rub rail kits, and fiberglass consoles. These parts are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity, ensuring that they seamlessly integrate with the classic Boston Whaler designs.

In addition to providing parts, Specialty Marine offers expert guidance and support to boat owners undertaking restoration projects. Their team, composed of seasoned professionals with deep knowledge of Boston Whalers, is always ready to assist with technical advice and practical tips.

This commitment to preserving the legacy of Boston Whalers extends beyond just selling parts. Specialty Marine actively participates in the boating community, offering resources and support to enthusiasts and clubs dedicated to these iconic boats.

“The joy and satisfaction of bringing a classic Boston Whaler back to its former glory are immeasurable,” added Jen Gerhardt, Head of Customer Relations at Specialty Marine. “We are here to support that journey every step of the way, ensuring that these boats continue to create memories on the water for years to come.”

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