Malvis Heartfilia Ignites the Music Scene with “City Kitty,” A Trailblazing Single by CEKR Music

December 11 12:44 2023

In an exciting development for music enthusiasts worldwide, Malvis Heartfilia, a dynamic and innovative artist, has released his latest single “City Kitty” in collaboration with CEKR Music. This release marks a new chapter in the artist’s journey, showcasing his evolving sound and artistic depth. Available on all major digital music platforms, “City Kitty” is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of genres and compelling narrative.

Yayat Rahmat from CEKR Music shared, “We are ecstatic to bring ‘City Kitty’ to our listeners. This song breaks away from the conventional pop formula, offering a fresh perspective that’s both exhilarating and relatable. It embodies our commitment to introducing innovative music that challenges and delights the audience.”

“City Kitty” delves into the Phonk genre, a fusion of Chopped and Screwed, G-funk, and vaporwave, creating a vibrant and upbeat musical experience. The track narrates the adventures of a young girl in a bustling city, exploring themes of freedom and discovery. Malvis Heartfilia’s lyrical prowess combined with the deep bass lines and lively tempo of the song creates an immersive auditory journey.

Malvis Heartfilia, known for his creative versatility, has previously made waves in the music industry with hits like “Whiskey Cola.” His latest venture, “City Kitty,” exemplifies his growth as an artist and his dedication to producing music that resonates with a diverse audience. The song’s release under CEKR Music, a label celebrated for its forward-thinking approach, further solidifies Heartfilia’s position as a rising star in the music world.

Listeners can immerse themselves in the world of “City Kitty” by streaming and downloading the track on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Youtube Music, Amazon, Soundcloud, and Tidal.

Malvis Heartfilia invites fans and new audiences to connect with him through his social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. These platforms offer an insight into his creative process and a space to interact with the artist directly.

“City Kitty” represents not just a single but a cultural moment, highlighting Malvis Heartfilia’s ability to blend genres and create music that speaks to a global audience. This track is a testament to his artistic evolution and CEKR Music’s vision of bringing groundbreaking music to the forefront of the industry.

With its compelling storytelling, unique sound, and engaging production, “City Kitty” is more than a song – it’s an experience. Be sure to listen to this latest hit and join Malvis Heartfilia on his exciting musical journey.

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