Changing the Game in Driver Recruitment – Saving Grace for Carriers

December 11 18:18 2023
Forget recruitment agencies and job listing websites! A Phoenix-based Agency is pushing between the lines to get the results carriers actually need, cutting costs along the way.

A Blend of Expertise and Hands-On Experience

At the forefront of Orior Media, an Arizona-based digital agency and its innovative approach in the trucking industry, is CEO Kemal B. With nearly 15 years of experience in marketing and sales, Kemal possesses a deep understanding of market research and strategy. His unique insight into the trucking industry stems from his hands-on experience as a consultant for carriers on driver retention, and spent years learning the workflow, understanding the mindset of drivers and carriers, and grasping their needs and expectations.

This blend of marketing acumen and industry-specific knowledge positions Kemal and Orior Media as uniquely equipped to tackle the challenges in trucking recruitment.

The Challenge in Trucking: A Persistent Driver Shortage in Quality and Numbers

The trucking industry faces a significant challenge: a shortage of qualified drivers. This issue not only hampers the efficiency of trucking companies but also impedes their growth and ability to meet market demands.

Looking at the data, it’s noticeable that driver turnover is over 90% across the trucking industry, making it increasingly difficult for carriers to cope with producing great results in a fragile market. A quality driver for a regional or local route will cost the company above $1,500 a month in fees alone. Considering the fact that the marketing (recruitment) cost per hire goes above $1,000 per driver while onboarding and making the driver productive will cost a carrier between $6,000 and $12,000. 

All of this combined makes for a very nervous recruiter (and manager) at an uncertain time for the trucking industry, especially hitting those mid-size fleets that need the momentum that quality drivers bring.

In response to this critical issue, Orior Media has emerged as a beacon of innovation. With a unique blend of digital marketing expertise and an in-depth understanding of the trucking industry, Orior Media offers a novel solution to the driver shortage problem.

A Recruitment Strategy That Actually Works

This unique solution assists carriers throughout the United States, focusing on the power of targeted advertising. By initiating campaigns in partnership with their long-standing clients, they have refined key elements such as precise targeting, engaging ad visuals, strategic budgeting, and optimal ad placement.

At the heart of Orior Media’s success is its ability to customize services for each trucking company. “The targeted strategies ensure that the ads are not just attracting candidates but the right candidates,” says Kemal, CEO of Orior Media. This precision ensures that companies receive not just a high volume of applicants but quality leads that are more likely to convert into reliable, long-term team members.

Saving Time and Money

After years of work and proven success, Orior Media’s service stands out for its efficiency. Their fully automated system consistently brings new driver leads to carriers’ CRMs like Tenstreet or through email alerts ensuring real-time data tracking and analysis and enabling carriers to hire drivers daily.

Recognizing that standardized plans often fall short, Orior Media offers fully customizable pricing plans and campaigns tailored to each carrier’s specific requirements. Their flexible pricing, including a free trial option, allows carriers to experience the service’s benefits without an immediate financial commitment, ensuring a maximized return on investment.

Proven Success: The AZ-Based Carrier Case

Orior Media’s effectiveness is exemplified by a case where they generated over 1,400 leads with 80% being qualified in just 30 days for an Arizona-based carrier during a busy holiday season.  “The company’s commitment to delivering quality and precision in every campaign is evident in the results Orior Media teams achieve for all clients,” says Kemal. “The system is not just filling positions; it’s a part of the process of helping clients build strong, reliable teams that contribute to their long-term organizational objectives.”

This case study demonstrates their ability to deliver results quickly and efficiently, a crucial advantage during the holiday rush.

This success is not an isolated incident but a consistent outcome of their tailored strategies and commitment to quality.

Understanding the budget constraints that many companies face, especially during peak seasons, Orior Media offers flexible pricing plans, including a free trial option. This approach allows companies to experience the benefits of their services without an upfront financial commitment.

The entire process from the first meeting to getting the first driver lead is finished within 72 hours, guaranteed.

Learn more – Check their website or book a 15-minute call with an Orior Media specialist today and take the first step towards customized and efficient driver recruitment!

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